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Public Download Site

***The Microsoft Access database is being replaced by a Microsoft SQL Express Database you may download a free copy of SQL Express at the

 Microsoft Down Load Site , if you down load the express edition also download the Tool Kit and Management Studio.  The Access Database will no longer be on the FTP site after 01 August 2014.

This is a free service
that Indian River County Property Appraisers office offers to the
public for download. These files include a Microsoft Access database,
SQL EXPRERSS database and shapefiles.
these files are zipped for space reasons, so you must have a zip
utilty installed on your machine.  If you do not have Microsoft Access you can download Open
Office as a substitute. You will have to read on how to open MS
database in Open Office. We do not support MS Access or Open Office, so
if you are having technical difficulties please contact Microsoft or
Open Office. With that said, most problems can be fixed quickly.